WordPress Support

WordPress rapidly took over as one of the worlds strongest web Content Management Systems. Today that fact remains the same. With over 50,000 plugins by many authors, WordPress is easy accessible and User Friendly.


As technology advances many plugins, themes, and other systems need to be updated. This is vital to the website. Without updating or tuning up, a website can fall to security risks, low page speed and overall bad performance.


Websites have many vulnerabilities. Proper security reinforcement can prevent hacking and other malicious site activity.


Having your website backed up is important. When a website crashes or breaks, all content could be lost. Backing up the site everyday is a step that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Testing & Maintenance

As the internet is constantly changing, we need to keep your site up to date with the newest patch releases and technology. It is very rare that a website doesn’t require ongoing maintenance due to how the web is growing and evolving. Even if you do not go through our maintenance process, it will need to be done and any other developer will feel right at home. Otherwise, your website can fall to bad performance and security risks.

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