SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Up to date SEO practices will, over time, bring you the Organic Quality Traffic that will turn in to loyal customers. There is no SEO strategy that will work over night. The main ingredient in all Search Engine Optimization is Time.

Page Speed

Optimizing the elements of a website drastically increase page speeds. That means correct image compression, server side optimization, page file size, etc. Today, page speed is one of googles top ranking factors.

Mobile Friendly

Another top ranking factor in getting your site as high as it can in google rankings is how responsive the website is to screen dimensions and device size. Most traffic on the internet is from a mobile device. Making sure your website is flexible to these different devices is vital to your users and to the Search Engine page crawlers.

Keyword Research

Appropriate Meta descriptions and keyword placement is very important when ranking a website. The content must be valuable and matching to the purpose of the website. The Markup and copy of your site should be SEO-friendly in order for your users to understand and process the information your website has to offer.

Best Practices

We believe the best growth is organic growth by following safe and proper, legal SEO practices. A lot of webmasters today will take your brand’s website through “shortcuts” to the top of search engine pages. These “shortcuts” usually include dishonest manipulation of search engine mechanics. In the long run, this can penalize the website and cost more money to reverse and fix.

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