Carrington Web Design is a human centered agency who’s sole focus is to make every clients online presence a meaningful asset. We partner with amazing brands in order to deliver professional web design with lasting results.

Carrington Web Design

Carrington Web Design was founded by Oliver Carrington in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oliver believes in moving humans forward with his skills and knowledge. Carrington Web Design has made a positive impact on businesses ranging from local photographers to million dollar corporations.

Websites nowadays are full of fluff and distraction. We believe sites that break that mold and push their message, will stand out in the crowd of popups and content with no value. Carrington Web design has built a team of creatives that are constantly brainstorming and trying to come up with ways to innovate the World Wide Web. In order to stay ahead of the curve our focus is to gain as much data as possible and use that to push the internet forward, one website at a time.

Carrington Web Design Team

Human Centered ; Future Geared.

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Our Process

In the initial overview meeting we will figure out the scope and budget of the project and exactly what you will need. We will come up with a timeline and roadmap. Our team of creative minds will work diligently to bring your company’s vision to fruition.

Every business is unique, which is why we will work directly with you to help animate your vision for your company. Initially we will work with you to better understand your target market and what your consumers want. We will invent and reinvent to suit you and your client’s needs.

This is the most important stage of the journey. Educating ourselves on your industry and niche will help us understand how to design your website in order to convey your message in the best way possible.

User Experience is the purpose of design. Our websites offer great usability and function all while remaining meaningful and relevant. A study from the Oxford Journal Interacting with Computers says that, “the goal of UX design in business is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” We at Carrington Web Design stand by our clients outstanding customer satisfaction on all fronts.

In order for websites to perform well, there is a standard that has to be met. A lot of sites have not been thoroughly tested and are prone to breaking. Before any launch of a website, we have to double-check to make sure these standards are met.

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